About Us


Todays Fresh is a one stop for all things food. It creates a single delivery channel for food from restaurants and the food produce from a fresh market. A harmony created to allow the customer a seamless access to the entire food network. In other words, a single online market with a home delivery network connects the customers with both restaurants and fresh markets. As a platform, it brings the people and producers together and simplify the food and restaurant business. This gives the customer a greater variety of items to choose from. Best of all, we deliver it right to your door.


Why choose us?

Our mission is to help food lovers discover a world of specialty items beyond the ordinary.We have our own farm located in a beautiful pristine hillside on the Western Ghats, where we deploy modern eco-friendly farming methods. As a company focused on delivering quality service consistently, we also source our products from various providers, but we ensure that they all adhere to our high standards. Committed to improving the food industry, we promote sustainable and organic farming , and encourage local produce in our own ways.


Fresh Goods from Todays Fresh

With Todays Fresh customers can purchase online goods from a wide variety of the finest products in poultry, meat, vegetables and seafood. We replenish our inventory regularly with the best available fresh goods from both market and local producers. We at the Todays Fresh believe that you, the customer, deserve the best that is available in the market. So we only source from suppliers and producers whom we trust and from farms we know well.Raw, fresh or cooked, each product in our inventory is quality checked before packing. We follow the best practises in the industry and our relations are based on a total transparency about our products.


Fine Dining @ your place

Todays Fresh will bring fine dining to your home table. It gives customers a chance to get exquisite fine dining quality dishes delivered to their homes. They can curate a single meal with the dishes they like from different hotels using different cuisines, with the online restaurant network we have built. With Todays fresh, no cuisine is away from you, from the chef-crafted to the farm-to-plate, and from chats to desserts, we have it all.


Humans of Todays Fresh

Todays Fresh was founded by people who are passionate food. We care about how a particular food item is produced and how it reaches the end customer for consumption. The delivery of purchased items to customers will be done through our DMango fleets. Our mango boys will bridge the customer to our products. Alert and on the move, they roam around the city all day to guarantee a timely delivery of orders. Trained to deliver quality service, they make sure that promises are kept. Fine producers, great sourcing, and timely delivery come together to create the unparalleled experience of Todays Fresh.